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restful sleep for
brighter days

Tired of tossing-and-turning, night after night?

Skip the grog-inducing sleep pills – here’s a natural sleep aid that will put you to sleep in no time.

can't sleep?

It’s 3:00 AM and you’re still scrolling through Instagram.

“Tomorrow’s gonna be really stressful.”

“Hmmm… did I just forget to send that follow-up e-mail?”

“Ahhh! I have to be up early but why am I still awake?!”

You toss and turn all night, then wake up feeling exhausted and frustrated. Worse, it happens practically every night.


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meet the blanket of your dreams

Remember how your mom used to swaddle you to sleep? 

That’s how our goodmood weighted blankets work, too. 

It stimulates deep touch pressure which help you fall asleep faster, and stay just like that, all night long.

A WARNING though: you may show up late for work!

young man, enveloped with her goodmood weighted blanket, sleeping soundly

finally, some peace of mind

The blanket’s comforting heaviness puts your body into “rest mode,” which helps reduce stress and anxiety. 

It also “grounds” down the body, so you get uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

what's in my blanket?

Our blanket’s nine-layer structure ensures the filler weights stay evenly distributed while keeping you comfortably snug. It’s OEKO-TEX ® Std. 100 certified too, which means there’s not a trace of any harmful chemicals in it.

9-layer, huggable goodmood weighted blanket

Try our blankets for 100 nights. If it didn’t improve your sleep or made it at least more comfy during it, we’ll give you your money back.

We’ll even pick it up for free!

The catch? None.

We’re dead serious in helping you improve your sleep. So we came up with this crazily good offer to show it.

We’re confident that you’ll looove it. 


up for our 100-night, no-risk-on-you challenge?

our growing community of happy sleepers

The results speak for themselves. It’s why we’ve sold out three times in just nine months already!

3 steps to better sleep at night

❶ select a weight

We recommend that you get one that weighs around 10% of your body weight.

❷ choose a color

Cool white or light gray, our blankets are a perfect match to any bedroom setup.

❸ sleep like a baby again

Lay down in bed and cuddle yourself to sleep.

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